Senseless Deaths

Senseless Deaths

On the fateful morning of September 11, 2001
Two airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers
It caught the whole world by surprise and terror

A chaotic scene appeared
Smoke was everywhere
People ran in different directions
Some came out with…
Bloody heads
Cut-off legs
Broken arms

Some were stuck on the high floors
Mommy, help me!
Daddy, help me!
Brothers, help me!
Uncle, help me!
Anyone, help me!

Desperate people jumped out of the high floors
Into a wide-open entrance to hell
That quickly swallowed up their untimely deaths

Why? Why? Why?
Who was responsible for this horrific act?
What were their motives and justifications?
Of course, it could not be in the name of God
All men are equal in the name of God
For God loves all men

Dear God, please stop all these senseless acts
Stop people from killing others for senseless reasons
Stop all these senseless deaths from happening!

Crystal H. Vo aka Nhu Y


2 responses to this post.

  1. i am addicted to farmville


  2. You are so right about senseless deaths everyone should take a much calmer stand on life


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